Shir for ld 8, position1

I am the only pro-choice candidate and the only candidate endorsed by NARAL in this race. This is why it matters.


One common theme you will find throughout my campaign is the idea that the personal IS political.  By that same token, what happens nationally impacts us locally.  In case you have been trying to avoid what is happening in "the other Washington" Justice Kennedy's decision to step down from the Supreme Court has given the current administration another opportunity to appoint an anti-choice judge to the highest court in the land. 


The threat of seeing Roe v. Wade overturned a previously abstract concept with a balanced court, has suddenly become all too real.  By overturning Roe v. Wade (or gutting it to point of offering no protection to women) all matters relating to reproductive rights will fall back to the states. 

The only way to ensure women in OUR Washington have access to safe, science based reproductive healthcare is to send pro-choice Legislators to Olympia.  It's that simple.

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