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There are some questions which seem to come up more often than others so this page will be a place to come see if your question has already been asked. This page will be updated as time allows so please feel free to keep checking back.

  1. Why are you running? -

    I feel like the Richland City Council has become completely unresponsive to the citizens of Richland. I have lived in the Tri Cities most of my life (apart from my time away for school, the Peace Corps and the Navy) and I feel like the way our city council does business is really counter to what residents value. We want to feel like our ideas and concerns are at least being taken into consideration when decisions which impact our lives are being made. We value transparency. We want to know how and when key decisions are made so we know when our input can still make a difference. We want to know how our money is being spent. When public land is being sold, we deserve to have peace of mind that the sale of land isn’t leaving money on the table for the city. My hope is that getting the city to adopt election of the council by district instead of having every seat be chosen at-large will improve the accountability council has to all of us.

  2. Apart from the creation of districts what are your priorities?