Representation Matters

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It’s really simple. if you aren’t at the table, then you’re on the menu.

Seventy percent of city council lives in either Meadow Springs or Hills West.  “At-large” elections in Richland have created a governing body which leaves entire neighborhoods without somebody who can speak to the unique concerns of the people who live there.

Whatever your concerns are, whether your streets weren't plowed this winter, your children can't get to school safely because there aren't sidewalks where you live, you can't afford frequent utility rate hikes, you’re tired of driving everywhere, or you wish the central district wasn’t dead by seven each night, the root of it all is the fact the people making these decisions which impact your daily life probably don’t have to experience what troubles you.

It’s simple.  If you aren’t at the table, then you’re on the menu.  When elected I promise to do everything I can to move Richland towards a council elected by districts.  In a city which stretches from Horn Rapids to Island View and from North Richland to Badger Mountain South we need to have our neighbors up on the dais to advocate for our neighborhoods.  We need to create a council which works for us all because it represents us all instead of a council that is out of touch.  I will move that cause forward.

Representation Matters to me.  It should matter to you too.