richland map.jpg

This is a map of Richland. The area you see in pink is the boundary for the city. Richland stretches from just across the Yakima River where SR225 meets Highway 240 at Snively Road in the west to the edge of Columbia Park. It goes from past the end of the PNNL campus in the north to Badger Mountain South. However, 70 percent of the current council lives either off the golf course in Meadow Springs or just across Gage Blvd in Hills West. That’s what that green circle is about.

In essence, the vast majority of our council lives in one small area of the city. If you feel like council doesn’t understand your concerns, this map goes a long way in explaining why that is. The majority of the council simply doesn’t share your concerns because they don’t experience them. This is why it is important to create voting districts in Richland. All of our neighborhoods deserve to have representation when decisions impacting our daily lives are being made.